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Having a troubled rental or credit history can make finding a new apartment or house difficult. That’s why we created Second Chance Apartments.

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01. Strategic

Finding a new apartment after being evicted is though. Another problem which you don’t need in a situation that is hard enough already.

02. Professional

What if there is a platform on which you can find apartments that you can get even if you had troubles in the past?

03. Loyal

Well, there is! We assist those that are unable to receive approval for rental under standard landlord requirements.

Did you know that Millions of Americans are unable to pay their rent and are facing evictions due to COVID-19?

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There is something in your history that makes finding a new apartment hard. Whether it’s a poor credit score, a broken lease or an eviction. It doesn’t matter. You search endlessly for new apartments only to be rejected by landlords when they do their background screenings. It’s a chore and feels like searching a needle in a haystack. What can you do about it, after all? The past has happened yet still impacts you now. That is not really fair. Rest assured that you are not alone.

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Your past troubles won’t matter with our landlords.

Get a Second Chance Apartment

Everybody deserves a second chance. We at PowerMoves know that. We take action to make it happen. That is why we have created a database for apartments and houses where everybody gets a chance. Our listings are known to work for people with histories of financial or personal problems. No more searching, no more rejections. Forget about take it or leave it. You can search our database by city, state and zip code. Find an apartment, house or studio that really meets your needs in your local area. With us, you can find a new home that supports your new start. Don’t be content with the first thing you can get. 



A place that you can call your own

Order now and get instant access to our Second Chance Apartment listings. We’re sure that you will find something that meets your expectations. The best part? Not having to worry about whether you get approved for a rental lease agreement or not. Let us take the uncertainty of your shoulders.