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Past credit or rent related problems don’t have to be a block in the way when it comes to getting a new rental lease agreement.

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How does this service help you?

Do you have trouble finding a new home?

Past credit or rental history problems can stick to you long after they’ve been solved. You know that they’re a thing of the past. Whether it’s an eviction, broken lease or outstanding rental balances doesn’t matter. Apply for a new rental lease agreement and these things will stick out like a sore thumb. Most landlords drop you as soon as they notice these things in their background check about you. It is unfair because you’ve been paying your rent diligently all these past months now. Yet you’re still branded by the past. There must be a way to show property owners that they can rely on you despite some mishaps in the past.

Showing future landlords that you’re a good tenant

PowerMoves offers tenant reporting services for its customers. Order now and simply send us a proof of your monthly rent payments and we will keep them in a ledger. This ledger is updated on a monthly basis and keeps track of all your rent payments. You can print this ledger when needed and share it with a future landlord. It will show them that you always paid your rent and that you always paid it on time. It can really help you if your rental history isn’t the best. You will show your future landlord that these things are a thing of the past. Is there any better proof?

From Our Founder

Your new home is waiting for you

Don’t let the past hold you back. Order PowerMoves’ tenant reporting service to make your search for a new home easy as cake. Finding a new apartment or house shouldn’t be a big struggle, after all. You’ve got better things to do!