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Allowing renters and individuals seeking to fix their credit or rental history to take charge of their financial future. No need for assistance – it’s a self-serving platform with step-by-step guidance to help users clean up their credit and rental profiles independently.

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our platform offers a cost-effective solution that appeals to those looking for rental assistance or credit improvement. Clients can even dispute and remove eviction records from their tenant reports with ease.

earning potential

When you target renters and offer them access to tools that can help them secure a rental again, such as Renters Identification Numbers or Credit Profile Numbers (CPN), you start raking in the cash. Earn a whopping 30% commission on each sale! That’s not all – every time a client disputes an item on their credit or tenant report, you pocket a commission.

Here’s a list of products you can make money from




Eviction Removal

Second Chance Property Listing Database



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